10 Important Things Amazon Seller should do in the 2017 Q4 Season

The last quarter of 2017 is approaching now, and it’s the time shaping up to be the biggest ever for Amazon sellers. You’ll be losing a lot of opportunities if you don’t do anything unique to increase your sales. Let us discuss the 10 important things to be done by an Amazon seller during the last quarter of 2017:-

  1. How can you prepare?

During the year, the Q4 season is the most profitable period to spend more hours a week on the Amazon business. October is the time where you are really preparing for the season. In November, most of the shopping days are 8-10 hours, and you can plan to work 3 days a week.  For the other 3 days, you can ship items out of your house.  For December, you can multiply your entire activities.

In terms of Amazon sales, November to January is the peak period when things really happen for Amazon sellers. Get ready for an eventful November and have patience if October isn’t keeping you busy.

  1. Always focus on ASINs that are best-selling

Amazon Seller Central has the ‘Restock Inventory tool’ that assists you to stock up your best-selling products by suggesting order dates based on your lead times, order quantities and adjustments for the past sales and recurrent demand patterns.

  1. Optimize your inventory

Evaluate your inventory in order to make sure you’ve got the right products in the right position for the right price when the holiday season turns up. So, it’s imperative to maximize your customer orders by utilizing the Amazon Seller Central tools that handle trending as well as slow-moving products. With the decrease in fulfillment fees, you can decrease the storage space you utilize, and you can get an opportunity to pay lesser FBA fees.

  1. Maintain plenty of stock for January

Most sellers assume January can be almost as demanding and profitable as December, when many shoppers utilize Amazon gift cards in order to make a purchase for Christmas. The January sales are great for retail shopping, so make sure you’ve got plenty of stock in the New Year too.

  1. Don’t let sales rank mislead you

There are some products that possibly ranked 250,000 during the summer and only sell twice every month, they might sell only one per day during December. However, there are plenty of products that will budge a lot more level during the Christmas season.

  1. Change repricing plan

Typically products sell in huge numbers in the Christmas season. Some sellers do not pay much attention on repricing, and as an Amazon Marketing Services Company with vast repricing experience; we would recommend that you should change your repricing plan to tag along trends in price in November and December.  Whatever the price of your product, it should be competitive in relation to your competitors on Amazon.

  1. Stock up on major supplies

In case, you’re selling during the last quarter of 2017, plan in advance and have your supplies ready now. This way, you will never run out of your common supplies.

  1. Prepare shipments in an approved manner

To make sure products are delivered at the earliest and in the best condition, follow Amazon guidelines for preparing and labeling products. Prior to shipping to an Amazon fulfillment center, make sure you evaluate your shipment.

  1. Hire an Amazon Marketing Services Company

You should plan ahead by hiring a reliable Amazon Marketing Services Company.  They can help you figure out what steps you should take and what you need to do to have in order to increase your sales and achieve good profit. Make use of their shipping estimator to get an approximate estimate of your shipping and customs fees. This will help you plan in advance the shipping method that fits your budget.

  1. Don’t fail to remember ‘festive time’

Christmas is the ‘festive time’ for family and friends, and not only selling making money on Amazon. Make sure you enjoy life with your dear ones including buying, selling and shipping on Amazon.

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