Amazon 360 Marketing

Boost Your Sales With Amazon 360 Marketing

Do you want your business to flourish consistently through different channels? Do you want to change the journey of your customers? Well, Amazon 360-degree marketing is your best choice to address all your needs. According to some recent studies, your customer journey can be broadened with the help of a 360-degree marketing approach. As an […]

Increase your sales on Amazon in 4 weeks; No jokes

Selling on the world’s most prominent marketplace requires more than hopes and aspiration. It takes continuous efforts towards driving the desired growth. It’s a fast moving train ascending a hill waiting for no one. To be candid, hundreds of sellers have raised the bar in the selling business online. Innovation and ingenuity have continuously been […]

Has Amazon Ever Being Anti-Seller?

On Amazon, three essential parties are crucial to its survival; Shoppers, Amazon, and the sellers. If one of the trios falters, its doom for all.  If you take an in-depth look at the way Amazon thrives, seems the attention is more focused at one of the three-the millions of customers coming to shop on the […]

Amazon PPC

Understanding How Amazon PPC Turn to Sales for Sellers

Lately, we’ve received tons of comments on numerous social platforms. Mostly, by aggrieved sellers worried about their discouraging sales. Honestly, they’ve tried the hacks and tips available but still the same galling song-poor sales.  There’s nothing more depressing than that-no or minimal reward for efforts. Quitting might be the next route. However, nothing good comes […]

Minimizing Loss Through FBA Returns

Minimizing Loss Through FBA Returns

It’s no news that hundreds of FBA sellers on Amazon are full-time merchants.  Literally, indicate they are wholesalers. They don’t manufacture but resell to make money. Interestingly enough, more sales when selling online translate to more returns. This, of course, is no fault of sellers. More complicated, Amazon mandates third-party sellers to accept returns from […]