Hacks in Improving FBA Sales in Real-time

Hacks in Improving FBA Sales in Real-time

Nothing good comes easy they say. Even when selling on a world-renowned platform like Amazon with over 2million sellers and millions of potential buyers, it comes with challenges. This could be attributed to the keen competition among sellers. However, the advantages outshine the ills.  Selling is art according to motivational and sales ace-Zig Ziglar. That means it a process which should be mastered.

Of course, you’ve been an FBA seller for a while, and you know the ropes. Launched your product, did all that’s needed and the revenue started looking good steadily. You were ambitious and adhered to the rules, but suddenly the sales reached a glass ceiling. It stopped.

Consistently, You’ve tried both secret and open tips for improving sales, but all isn’t working as desired. Not to worry, hundreds are facing the same temporal challenge on Amazon.

Many have made terrific incomes within months when Amazon handled their inventory. The key is going at a pace that best suits your position.

Improving your FBA sales in real-time isn’t rocket science. A few “tighten” and “loosening” could be all the improvement that’s needed.

Selling on Amazon is quite complicated, even sales dogs have their bad days. To help, we are suggesting a few hacks to give you a head start ahead of other FBA sellers.

  1. Do a Recheck on Page Optimization: I’ve heard about that again and again you say? Yes, you can never have enough. Selling on Amazon is online which relies mainly on ranking, traffic and getting conversions. Having relevant keywords is important for your products to rank higher in search results.

  1. Find Relevant Keywords with Reverse ASIN Search: Understanding how keywords works are crucial to improving your sales in a short time. Trying Amazon sponsored ads can help in getting keywords you need for reverse ASIN search. ASIN involves your product position in the result after a search.

  1. Using External Traffic: Amazon doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Channeling leads from outside might not be an easy task, but it could bring the desired sales upsurge. Making use of the social media, eBay early drop shippers and Amazon influencers are hacks that works. Though, it depends on what you’re selling and the volume of your product.

  1. Subscribe to Promotions: subscribing to flash deals and other promotional deals help at attracting buyers which could be converted at the right price. Subject to what you’re selling, different subscription like Amazon Subscribe and Save Program allow sellers to offer discounts to buyers that subscribes. Your customer can select the number of items they need and the frequency of the delivery.

  1. Responding to Buyers Swiftly: When a potential buyer has a question or two that necessitates answers, they appreciate it when the answer comes in pretty fast. Most times, some buyers are confused on what to buy and need your assurance which acts as the warranty stamp. If you can provide the right answers on time, it can convert into the desired sales.

  1. Reviews as Assurances: For reviews, the numbers and quality is central to improving near stagnant sales. Naturally, buyers feel relaxed when they see feedbacks from over 1000 happy customers. A focus on getting good reviews is however compared to negative bulging remarks.

  1. Protecting Your Account in Good Standing: Having great metrics is the basics of selling on Amazon before the tips or hacks for getting more sales. If you’ve been suspended many times or downgraded; getting sales is a long, tortuous journey. It’s the foundation of selling online; protect your rating.

  1. Go Multi-Channel: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be tied to your Amazon listing also to boost traffic and possibly covert. It, however, depends on you how it’s handled.

  1. Cross- Selling, Bundling and Up-Selling: Improving your sales can be achieved easily with this sales strategy. It grants the opportunity to create unique listing and garner sales steadily.

  1. Quality Images and Incorporating Videos: Lastly, people respond positively to high-quality images and sound video content especially if it comes with a demonstration from different angles. People pay tend to focus more on pictures and videos which could boost the buyer’s confidence.

In conclusion, the most essential hack is- you(the seller). You’re only as good as your brand online.

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