Has Amazon Ever Being Anti-Seller?

On Amazon, three essential parties are crucial to its survival; Shoppers, Amazon, and the sellers. If one of the trios falters, its doom for all.  If you take an in-depth look at the way Amazon thrives, seems the attention is more focused at one of the three-the millions of customers coming to shop on the platform.  Sellers are important too, but they are replaceable these days.

It’s not debatable anywhere that customer is king. If you think you can relegate them in your business, I wish you luck. Likewise, business is about making money after investing. Never have the thought that Jeff Bezos has made billions of dollars so he should be tired of more proceeds from his company. Therefore Amazon should cut you some slack.  It’s all about interest. No hard feelings.

But how far can Amazon go to protect its interest and that of customers at the expense of sellers’? After all, it’s been run by humans; you could get a shocker once a while.

Perhaps, everyone is important; it’s a mere fallacy. Sellers are as important as the customers too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here’s what sellers who got frustrated and the media are saying;

Reference from:- https://www.practicalecommerce.com/Why-we-abandoned-Amazon-and-eBay

The screenshots above are obviously from displeased guys with horrid experience. However, that doesn’t mean they are right per say. There are two sides to every story.

Though getting convincing evidence against Amazon right now, might not be readily available but it doesn’t mean they aren’t culpable sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about dissing Amazon, but an expose on how long they could go to protect their interest.

Amazon can never hit out at sellers directly but it’ will be a new policy or line of action that does the ugly job. In some cases, they might rearrange and make themselves the judge, jury, and prosecutor. Because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to someone somewhere.

They may perhaps sometimes fold their hands and watch duplicitous and muddled buyers explore and exploit the system; at least its customers first. While still using the gavel on the seller.

The first screenshot was a tip of how people can take advantage of a structure while the buyers bear the cost of shipping and returns.

That isn’t the only means deceitful people make money off Amazon and its sellers; quite sure it’s enormous.

Who’s losing the money when third parties flaunt such rules? Which of the three acquire losses when a delivery process hit the rock.  Do they share some liabilities when things get awry? You think both sides, i.e., Amazon and sellers?  Please think again.

Once in a while, Sellers have accused them of looking look the other way when the messes aren’t theirs.

To preserve that picture of the “nice guys” to millions of buyers which is ideal, they do hurt one in a thousand sellers to do that.

Who knows the damage that buyer with that tweet had done before getting fired by Amazon.

With these screenshots littering the internet, Amazon isn’t a saint. I guess its all business after all. Selling on Amazon is definitely worth the while. However, there could be scenarios that show the other side of companies.

People have accused Amazon of looking the other way on cases of content infringement and manipulations. Also, the more prominent retailers are suffocating medium scale sellers through collaborations with Amazon.

Time will tell where all these are heading.

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