How Conducive is Amazon for Small Sellers?

starting small doesn’t mean thinking small- Anonymous

Have on to sell? Sell on Amazon.

The question above and the instant instruction in three words is one of the links you get to see on every page on Amazon websites. We can say it’s a call to order. It’s an affirmation of the open door policy of Amazon-anyone is welcome onboard. Everybody and anybody can sell on Amazon till date provided you’ve got something to offer-sellable products.

But what happens after a new seller joggle a few products and create a listing to sell on Amazon? Is it a roller-coaster or tiring journey for small sellers? And how conducive has it been for small sellers whether new or existing on the platform?

Being successful on Amazon requires a lot of strategy and energy. Getting lots of things right and perfecting the art of selling on the largest marketplace in the world.

Today, it is estimated that Amazon has over 2million sellers and a huge chunk of that are small sellers. Who are the small sellers? These are categories of people selling below 40items per month as described on the internet.

A seller making a sale of 40items or below monthly is undoubtedly feeling heat somehow. The hard truth is; thousands of small sellers on Amazon are not having a good time on the platform. Day by day, the challenges seem overwhelming for many though not all.

Gradually, the idea of sourcing products and creating a listing to make money is becoming a fallacy. No thanks to the brutal competition and restrictions.

I have seen product listings with little sales still at a lower price while another 10bucks costlier has over 5000 positive reviews. Weird you say? To be fair, that isn’t necessarily the fault of Amazon.

It’s just a sad reality that despite the doors are open for all to sell right away, harsh realities ruin the party snappishly.

Small sellers have to face numerous hurdles and mountains to become successful than ever before. The factors responsible for the “heat” now are multifaceted. Even some are self-inflicted by naive, overzealous and lukewarm sellers.

  • Brutal Competition
  • Restrictions and Unsellable Products over Time
  • Amazon’s Complication
  • Profitability
  • Listing Optimization
  • Getting Paid for Item Delivered Which Take Days.


Each factor listed above are a few of the hurdles making Amazon unconducive for sellers these days.  It’s shocking some sellers faced each of the listed simultaneously and left Amazon for somewhere else.

The platform isn’t too cozy for people, but it isn’t prearranged per say to be so. Emerging competitors with Amazon, rivalry among sellers and scarcity of products and more are defining factors making the platform hell for small sellers.

Furthermore, many brands are protecting their products from third-party sellers and moving straight to Amazon. Hence, the end of many small sellers who are small resellers. Now, it’s a choice to stay and face the storm maybe you could get lucky.

But how far can luck carry a seller faced with many odds? Time will tell.

Giving up isn’t the solution. When faced with increasing challenges, we shouldn’t chicken out. In every blustery cloud, there’s always a silver lining hidden we can hold up to. If Amazon is unconducive because of some factors, other could be leveraged, and the story can change.

Working with the right people or team helps. Small sellers are usually limited because they are facing these hurdles alone. Trying to get your shine in the midst of 2million sellers can’t be wished for. We all need some backroom staff or team.

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