Selling on Amazon is a tough game. There’s a lot that can go right or wrong with every action you take while selling here. If you are a new seller on Amazon or an old player who is unable to increase your Amazon sales, here are a few key steps to check and follow and see the escalation in your sales sheet in a few weeks time.

  1. Keep up with your competition

This ought to be the first thing you do if you seek big bucks as an Amazon seller. Go through at least 5-10 similar product listings on Amazon, analyse their pictures, pricing and description, as well as customer feedbacks for their products. Also keep a tab on frequently asked questions by the shoppers. Though it looks tiresome, you are actually taking advantage by comparing and analysing the hard work put in by those sellers. All you actually have to do now is to make the right choices.

  1. Picture it perfect

The product photographs you add along with your listing, makes the first impression of your product. Make sure the photographs are HD and taken from all customer expected angles. For instance, when there is a ladies top on sale with only a front picture, a customer would wonder what the back design is like, and then annoyingly go to another top on sale.

  1. Put up an apt description

Many sellers on Amazon write the product description same as displayed on the packaging. Writing interesting content, especially in reference to what most customers would look for in your product, will be a great sale strategy. Add descriptions after reading forums, reviews and FAQs of other related products and all essential points that customers seek and other sellers fail to provide. Keep your descriptions creative yet simple and definitely engaging.

  1. Price it competently

This is perhaps the key advice for all Amazon sellers. The pricing has the power to make or break a deal. Amazon favours lower priced products (and so do the customers) and places them on top. The best way to optimally price your products is by keeping a check on your competition. Though it involves a bit of labour on your part, but if you weigh your prices with those of other sellers of similar products, think from the point of view of a customer, and then set your product prices, you will notice a surge in your sales.

  1. Special Discounts to selected few

You can also give away you products on special discounts or for free to YouTubers and bloggers etc who will influence their audience to buy your products, and thus boost your sales on Amazon. The best examples are the make-up artists who promptly mention the products they use in their video tutorials and urge their viewers to try them.

  1. Advertise on other social platforms

Social networking websites can prove a big boon for advertising your products on Amazon. In the present day, you can find people from all walks of life on some or the other social media websites. Converting these offsite users into your customers can highly step up your Amazon sales. Advertise your products on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc, to direct more traffic to your Amazon listings, which in turn will directly hike the conversion rate. Your products and brand will also draw a better exposure and be presented among a greater number of potential shoppers. If used wisely, you can also target specific audience on these sites.

  1. Ask for Reviews

Since most Amazon buyers trust the user reviews, they are a helping hand in improving your sales. Shoppers look for reviews before deciding to buy the product and ‘no review’ is as good as a ‘negative’ one. Good reviews will make you a credible seller (and your product more authentic) and people will click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button more swiftly and with much more content.

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