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How to Increase Your Amazon Sales in 2 weeks?

Catchy title right? Yes, the title got your attention because it reads ”increase your Amazon sales in 2 weeks”. The question is a poser for anyone trying to sell or currently selling on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online store in the world today no doubt, grossing billions of dollars in revenue with millions of products. Amazon has enormous selling potentials that it’s contemporaries any day.

Let’s leave Amazon out of our discussion and discuss making good sales in two weeks.

You must have read loads of blogs and articles on the internet saying sell in a few days and start earning. The trust is, increasing your Amazon sales which have been dwindling lately takes a lot.

The tricks and tips outlined to you to apply will also be used by your competitors because it’s available for free.

Before you say, Jack Sparrow, you’re back to where it all began-meager sales.

The truth is increasing your Amazon sales in a short time will take a lot from you. Mostly, in the form of investing your effort and resources. If you choose the easy way everyone is applying, you might be fizzled out suddenly.

What You Sell Matters

A seller must be realistic with his or her expectations on Amazon. What you sell will determine if your sales can improve after you’ve made a genuine effort. It’s going to be ridiculous for someone selling caskets on Amazon to think of quadrupling his or her sells overnight. What you’re selling should be a product that a can improve in sales over the time and not affected by natural or cultural factors.

If you think of making more sales in two weeks, look for a product that sells faster to the present one.

Follow the Rules

This is the easiest of them all. Follow the rules and guidelines. Thinking of cutting corners or trying to exploit the system might not make those great sales in two weeks. If at all you make it, such methods never last. Update yourself with the rules of the game always and improve consistently

Optimize Your Product Details for Search Rankings

Amazon is a competitive marketplace for thousands of sellers. It’s densely crowded. If you want to increase your sales in two weeks, your product(s) details need to be optimized for ranking. Customers bulge with many products in the same category. So, how will they prefer yours over others?

You have to think to like a customer to get it done. The platform allows buyers to go from a category to subs until the final product name. E.g. Men’s shoes>Sneakers>Adidas>Model>Size.

Or probably, a customer can be more specific by typing the important details in the search bar like “IphoneX blue leather cases” to narrow down to want they want.

To make great sales in two weeks, you have to use the power of product information regarding product title, description, search terms, colors, and other necessary information.

Try innovations and ideas

Amazon creates new ways of selling faster for sellers and the company to make money many times. Marketing promotions and features are added for buyers to keep coming. If you want to sell in two weeks increasingly, don’t ignore them.

A good example is the Buy Box available for sellers to buy from Amazon to improve. The Buy Box is a product detail page where a customer can begin a purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts. That’s an advantage over thousands of sellers who are not on the feature.

Most times, those that win Buy Box often see an increase in sales in a short time. Requirements you have to meet to win Buy Box isn’t reveal to anyone but Amazon Team.

Improve Your Performance Continuously

Selling on Amazon isn’t 100percent automated. It’s business that does not run itself though it seems so to the ordinary eye. Lots of effort needs to make significant sales even if it’s maintaining a good performance. Return rate, seller’s rating are essential even if you have the lowest prices on Amazon.

Selling is an art, master it.


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