Impending Battles for New Sellers on Amazon to Conquer

Impending Battles for New Sellers on Amazon to Conquer

Sweet experiences

Whopping $50,000 in 8months!

Yea, that was what a new seller grossed while selling on Amazon in 2014. James Fend is the name.

Stunned? Oho, it’s not the first you’ve heard and definitely not the last. Stories of guys who joined Amazon and made astonishing money while selling do spring up once a while. Many prospective sellers got inspired through that testimonies. After all, it’s not a full-time job, and you could still focus on your 9-5 work without rocking your boat.

Some of those guys paint the complete picture (ups and downs) while others would tell about the win-win scenarios.

The poser

It’s no longer a news anyone can sell on Amazon even they can’t install a dating software on their PC. It’s never about being techy but seeking information and using it rightly. It relies on your sixth sense-smartness. Amazon has provided everything to hit the ground running. As usual, the world isn’t fair; it’s not happily ever after for everyone.

Despite the fact we’ve heard and seen people making “easy money” on Amazon, there are others who weren’t lucky.

The big questions is-will every potential seller on Amazon share same motivating stories after some months?

If you are a new seller reading this, what would be your fate in few months? Or probably you will find it is effortless you’ve been told.

Is there any battle at all?

Please, this piece wasn’t written to deter new sellers form forging ahead. Instead to keep you abreast of what’s ahead.

Guess what? There are battles to conquer on Amazon and not just one battle.

One of the first battles to win on Amazon is product sourcing. There are millions of products listed on Amazon; however, not all you see will make you smile. Making money on the platform is by selling; I mean selling hundreds of a product within a short time.

Selling 500 units of products in a year isn’t the same as selling 500 units in 3months. We both know whose thriving and struggling of the duo. For you to conquer, the size or sophistication of your product is not a factor. James Fend made that colossal sum selling jogger pants, body fat clippers, led dog collars and not tractors.

Don’t get lost in the crowd hullabaloo, on Amazon it isn’t about size but what sells.

Conquering on Amazon requires you paying attention to details all the time. Everything matters. New sellers will be familiarized with many terms like product listings, Buy Box, returns, labels, FBA, ranking, keywords, and many more. The truth is if you’re willing to learn before earning; you will conquer in short time.

Amazon isn’t designed for empirical experiments. The intense competition will push faint-hearted sellers out. Your product doesn’t just sell because it looks fanciful, but background work you’ve done to market it.

On Amazon, you invest money to make money. Yes, a lot of it. Only you will determine what you expend before making profits. Early mistakes will cost you money until things are perfected. Information makes selling on Amazon a walk in the park. No buyer will feel nor touch your product before selling a unit; your content does that.

Keyword research, high-quality image, description and more guarantees success.

Amazon isn’t for softies. You need the know-how and presentation. It isn’t just sourcing for products cheaply from China and selling at a premium on Amazon. You need to hustle hard. Push your products to neighbors, friends, colleagues, and strangers. Rather than sit and wait for customers online, you can visit for hacks to direct them to your listings in real time.

Sign up on social platforms, forums and tell the world what you’re selling without feeling embarrassed.

On the whole, selling on Amazon is worth your time, energy, and money. But it’s not as easy as it is when experienced sellers told they made millions overnight. A lot went down that you didn’t know.

However, your savviness, resilience, business aptitude will determine how far you go. You can win with it all.

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