Increase your sales on Amazon in 4 weeks; No jokes

Selling on the world’s most prominent marketplace requires more than hopes and aspiration. It takes continuous efforts towards driving the desired growth. It’s a fast moving train ascending a hill waiting for no one.

To be candid, hundreds of sellers have raised the bar in the selling business online. Innovation and ingenuity have continuously been channeled into performance development in selling over the years.

As the title of this blog reads “increase your sales on Amazon in 4weeks; No jokes”, it’s a challenge for anyone seeking great sales in a short time. Can anyone double sales figures within a short time on Amazon?

Doubling or tripling your sales in four weeks is the least that can be achieved. We’ve heard stories of sellers that hit the nail at the right and made thousands of dollars as profit after humongous sales.

Now, it’s time for you to make high sales in 4weeks and it’s no joke.

First, hire an expert at selling on Amazon or seek help. It’s easy to list endless tips on how to sell faster on Amazon, but there’s strength in numbers they say. You seeking help for promotions, ads or product optimization gives a clear direction of where you’re headed and will narrow your focus.

Yes, agreed it could be done single-handedly, but an extra hand could be all you need to shift your attention to where you’ve never thought. Your go-to person should be an expert with practical experience with in-depth knowledge of how to sale in 4weeks.

Second, work on every detail. Selling your inventory in four weeks isn’t a walk in the park except you’re been deceived. You need to visit your product listing and think like an average buyer. Would you buy your product at the same price? Are you indeed convinced with the description you’ve before adding to cart? It takes beyond using manufacturer’s image and description to sell on Amazon if you’ve been doing that.

Pay attention to competitor’s pages and look for differences that could be missing. That’s the only place to get the hands-on picture of what’s dragging your sales.

Third, have you gave being an FBA a thought? Amazon FBA has more opportunities than many sellers could think of, even though it comes with a price. Being an FBA seller gives you a chance to sell on multi-channels instead getting stuck with on Amazon. If you sell on eBay for example, you can use your FBA status to fulfill orders from such e-commerce sites.

Probably if you’ve sourced your product from a cheaper source, you can still make money after paying for fees.

Furthermore, prioritize customer communication and feedback. Your product is as good as how you respond and communicate with buyers on the platform. Amazon wants you to respond to every customer query within 24hours, and if you don’t, your account is flagged to be demoted. In that way, you lose ranking during searches by customers.

Lastly, try registering as a professional seller. Being an individual seller has its pros and cons. Also, it’s easier to be outwitted in that category. Pro sellers aren’t enjoying more than later, for example, they are encouraged to create listings for items that are not even on Amazon. To improve sales, you can create product bundles backed with ads and promotions you could opt in.

That aside, being a professional seller makes you eligible for placement in the Buy Box where 80% of all Amazon sales originate. So where else will you want to be to sell in 4weeks?

In all, selling in 4weeks is much easier than you think, it takes guts while doing things rightly and making smart decisions.

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