Proven Tips for Handling Amazon Negative Reviews like a Pro

Product Reviews are no less than a ‘Report Card’, which is ultimately referred to by other shoppers before buying your product(s). Feedback is one of the best ways to know about what your company is doing right and what it isn’t. Happy customers are priceless, and every good word put by them, builds both your sales sheet and brand name. Likewise, negative reviews prove no less than a cause of misery for many sellers. Bad reviews can push your sales down the scale and also hit your market image. It’s impossible to ignore or hide from negative reviews and all sellers undoubtedly wish to prevent or get rid of them.

To keep with high standards, on Amazon, one and two star ratings are acknowledged as negative feedback. As per Amazon, a seller having an ODR above 1% could lose his seller privileges i.e. the sellers having more than 1% of their orders with one or two star ratings could have their seller privileges revoked.

The general reasons for a negative feedback are:

  • Damaged or faulty products or products not as per description.
  • Delayed or undelivered order.
  • Miscommunication or lack of professional conversation with the customer.

If you receive one (which someday you will), the foremost tip is not to panic. Don’t take it personally, not all days are bright and rosy. Brace yourself! Respond Quickly!

Read below to know how to deal with Negative Reviews.

Case 1: If the review violates Amazon feedback guidelines:

Amazon mostly removes negative feedback for these listed reasons:

  • Objectionable content

Obscene or abusive language used by the customer in the feedback merits removal.

  • Personal information

This is for the privacy reasons. Customers if aware of any details (like name, contact number, address etc) about the seller are not supposed to mention them in the feedback as it amounts to breach of privacy policy. Such feedbacks are removed by Amazon.

  • Product reviews in seller feedback comments.

The reviews are supposed to be seller specific and not product specific. If a negative review is pertaining to the functioning or other drawbacks of the product, it can be removed.

  • Price comparisons or promotional content pertaining to other sites.

Many customers make price comparisons, like this product is available at cheaper price on another ecommerce platform. Such feedbacks are not allowed on Amazon.

  • FBA related

For FBA listed sellers, negative reviews regarding product condition, shipping, and delivery etc can be removed since it is Amazon who is responsible for these tasks.

As soon as you receive an unfair negative review, raise a ticket with Seller Support and ask Amazon to remove the feedback as it violates the Amazon feedback guidelines.

Steps to request removal of a negative feedback:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Account.
  2. Click on the Customers and orders on the left-hand side.
  3. Enter the respective ‘Order ID’ and select ‘Next’.
  4. Fill in the details and reason for your feedback removal request.

Pro Tip: When you provide the details and reasons while requesting Amazon to remove a negative feedback, keep it short and to the point. Nobody (and no one at Amazon) has the time to read an essay. Extra-long removal requests might end up being unread and you might be plainly refused.

Amazon will then review the feedback and will adjudge whether the removal request stands valid or not.

If your removal request is accepted, you will receive the following response from Amazon:

Case 2: If the negative feedback is genuine, contact the buyer.

 If you are genuinely at fault for the negative reviews, act quickly. Get in contact with the customer with a cordial email, accept your fault, apologist and then try to resolve the issue. Remember to be polite and calm, even if the customer is not (which is more likely to be). Thereafter, if the buyer is convinced with your solution, you can ask him or her to remove the negative feedback.

Steps to contact the buyer to resolve the issue:


  1. In your Amazon Seller Central, go to the Customer Feedback tab.
  2. Click on ‘View Current feedback’.
  3. Select the buyer comment you want to resolve and click on ‘Resolve’ button.
  4. On the Resolving Negative Feedback page click on ‘Contact Customer’ button.
  5. Select the subject from drop down menu and type your message.
  6. Use the ‘Add Attachment’ button to add any document or pictures (if required).
  7. Click on ‘Send Email’ to send your message.

Pro Tip- It is more polite and appropriate to request the customer to remove the negative review only after a settlement has been reached.

Pro Tip- The customers have a 60 day time frame to remove their feedback, after which they will lose the privilege. The onus is on you to act quickly to resolve the issue and also ask the customer to remove the feedback within the stipulated time.

Case 3: If the buyer refuses to remove the negative feedback:

If the customer refuses to remove the negative feedback it is not the end of the story.

A quick and cordial response from you will help convince other viewers that customer satisfaction is important to you. That you act swiftly to acknowledge customers complaints and thus minor mistakes on your part will be ignored.

Steps to write an Amazon feedback response:

  1. Scroll down and select View Current Feedback in the Seller Feedback Manager
  2. Select the feedback you want to respond to
  3. Click on ‘Respond’and enter your response.
  4. Click on ‘Submit’ button.

Pro Tip- Keep your response brief and clear. You must both sound and mean helpful and concerned. Be careful to not be witty or demeaning in your response.

On the last note:

High seller feedback rating is a vital measure of being a successful Amazon seller. But this doesn’t mean that negative feedback is the last word on your performance as an Amazon seller. While following the steps defined in this blog, we suggest you be consistently aware of all the Amazon feedback guidelines.

Every coin has head and tail. Same is with your practice. Negative feedback are bound to come, may be today, tomorrow or day after. Keep your practice up to mark. With a clear head and right procedures, you will have minor pains and ultimate gains on Amazon.

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