Some Last Minute Tips For Amazon Sellers To Have An Awesome Christmas Sale!

The much awaited holiday season is here and just a few days are left for Christmas… We hope you guys are selling well. You must have planned it all long ago and must have already fastened your seat belts for the greatest ever sale on Amazon. But if you are reading this, at this time of the season, you are looking for some extra help with selling, so here we are with a handful of last minute tips to make your Christmas sales sheet boom a little more. Read further to know what you might be missing this season as there is still room to make amends and have a prosperous and merry Christmas.

1. Analyse and Alter

Analyse your competition, keep reviewing their prices, keep a safe distance from aggressive price wars, be smart and flexible with profit margins, constantly monitor your inventory, are all the traits of a bright and brainy seller. Never underestimate your fellow sellers; many of them might be truly naive but many nothing less than collared crooks that play mind games. Don’t allow your competitors to decide the direction of your sales. You must keep a tab on your competition, don’t steer your sales in the wrong direction, never forget the price floors and ceilings, alter your pricing strategies only as per your plans and when ‘you’ deem fit.

2. Promise only what you can deliver

Don’t go overboard into the festivities and promise more than you can ‘actually’ deliver to the customers. With reference to availability, delivery period, features and other details in the listing, be fair and don’t over/under state the information. Make sure that you clearly put up the facts for the customers to know, like mention if the product will reach their door step before or until Christmas or not and save yourself from poor feedbacks from angry or embarrassed customers(, which will harm your future sales and ranks). Edit your listings if you have already added something not deliverable and give your customers a happy Amazon experience.

3. Reprice what’s not selling much

Reprice some of the products that aren’t selling as per your expectations. For example, if you are selling an item, with little to no competition and having a high demand, (and is already selling well,) let its listing price be nominal (as hitherto) and sit back and relax. But if you are selling something which comes with high demand along with tonnes of sellers to compete with, lower the price to be the lowest seller. Just don’t forget your minimum profit margins!

4. Advertise and set Promotional Offers

There are still many people out there looking up the internet or Amazon for last minute Christmas gift shopping or to simply make good use of the seasons heavy discounts. So if you have not yet started advertising your products, to your good fortune it is never too late for the promotional exercise. You can immediately go to our step by step guide for Amazon Marketing Services and make the most of this awesome advertising service offered by Amazon.

Another approach you could use is by arranging multiple similar products in a single promotional offer that is under a single price tag. This is a great marketing tactic. For example, in case you are selling plastic kitchen storage bags, you can add a plastic sealer and create a combo package. The price you set must earn you a collective profit and just notice the boost in your sales.

5. Brace Yourself!

Keep the spirit of Christmas high and brace yourself for the unexpected to happen. The delivery van could get stuck in snow, a different colour or a wrong product might get delivered to a customer, some item could break in transit and so forth. A lot can happen in the rush to Christmas. While being constantly vigil against such incidents, you can considerably reduce them but nothing can guarantee that no such mistake will happen at all. Face it! Be calm and polite, reach out to your customers, apologize and suggest an appropriate solution. After all, everyone needs a happy Christmas.

Though there is no time for big changes at the moment but the tips we listed for you can still make a difference. We hope you must have found at least one beneficial enough to lift your sales graph. For the rest and by that I mean for the bigger and faster boost in your sales it is recommended to rely upon the Amazon SEO services. The Amazon Ranking Expert is a team of seasoned professionals with 1000+ product optimisations and hundreds of happy customers. Feel free to contact us and enjoy up to 40% off on our packages.

We look forward for you to have overwhelming sales this season and always. Merry Christmas!

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