Understanding How Amazon PPC Turn to Sales for Sellers

Lately, we’ve received tons of comments on numerous social platforms. Mostly, by aggrieved sellers worried about their discouraging sales. Honestly, they’ve tried the hacks and tips available but still the same galling song-poor sales.  There’s nothing more depressing than that-no or minimal reward for efforts. Quitting might be the next route.



However, nothing good comes easy they say, you need to try smarter and not harder. Before we proceed, many might call for my head for the title of this piece.  They would suggest only newbies from FBA courses buys that because it drains your pocket. And the end, there’s nothing to show concerning profits. The hard truth is, Amazon also want a share of your cake. You make money on their platform, and they want to reciprocate too. We are not a crusader for Amazon ads but a campaigner for what’s working to make sellers smile.

Amazon PPC Dilemma

Here’s a comment that caught my team’s attention with sympathy:

“Hey. My PPC campaigns are not profitable at all. I did keyword optimization and lowered my bid for the ones using up my budget. The problem is my main keyword was using up my budget so since I lowered my bid, I am not getting sales. What should I do?”

Apparently, the writer isn’t a newbie per say. It’s obvious he or she didn’t subscribe for Amazon PPC and went to bed. Tried keyword optimization and probably optimized the product listing as well.

So, let’s dig in deeper and understand how Amazon PPC could be the sales funnel you’ve always craved. If you’ve followed our (Amazonrankingepert.com) SEO Guide through our blog, then you should have a better grasp of our discussion. If not, it’s never too late to learn and grow.

Firstly, you need to be strategic about targeted ads or sponsorship as a seller. Irrespective of what you hear or heard, never test the depth of a river with both legs. Amazon PPC shouldn’t be run forever. When golden goose refuses to lay the eggs; let it go.

Also, let it be known that Amazon PPC is based on CPC (Cost-Per-Click), triggered by keywords, organized by ad groups, and optimized for conversion.

Amazon PPC and Sellers Entanglement

The seller that needed help didn’t mention the time duration before concluding running his/her PPC was pointless. Also, we didn’t get much information on the structure of the PPC campaign, and reviews. PPC doesn’t guarantee conversion to sell more inventory faster.  Better still, it has instant results that ensure visitors or customers will come. I.e., organic rankings. Organic ranking will also look great. Not limited to these, it promises much-needed traffic and boosts your product visibility in a short time. However, we are mostly concerned about how this strategy would increase sales.

How Sellers Miss the Point

If PPC will help you sell more inventory, and increase your income depends on pre-requisites put in place. You need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before giving your capital to Amazon. Many sellers haven’t perfected the processes but hurriedly subscribed to sponsored ads for quick solutions. And often time, they get exhausted with funds to continue.

Ways sellers lose Money with Amazon PPC:

Failure to find the right keywords, and organize them appropriately

Ignoring your advertising cost of sales (ACOS)

Never tried using negative keywords

Wrongly prepared bidding type

Ignoring search terms for ads

No overall budget for the campaign

Not optimizing your listing correctly by providing good quality images, detailed description, and proper title.

If you’ve done the right thing, your expense and income could be at par and not skewed.


Winning with PPC

The main reason why many sellers see clicks and poor conversion after satisfying all listed above is-never adding negative keywords. It’s pretty simple. Stunned, right? Yes, it’s as simple as that. Here’s the logic; you don’t get charged until you have a click on your inventory. So, if your product is idling away without showing up when the wrong keywords are typed; you can’t lose money.

However, those that complain bitterly about the waste clicks involved in PPC paid inadequate attention to negative keywords. A good PPC campaign that will convert should have negative keywords which are like a PPC match type; this allows you to selectively filter who sees your ad, based on search queries.

Sellers save money by avoiding wasted clicks in irrelevant searches.  Using negative keywords ensures that your ad doesn’t show in any ad group. It prevents your PPC ad from showing on irrelevant searches, thereby saving you money on wasted clicks. This creates more opportunities for it to display on searches that are relevant and could probably lead to conversions.

Negative keywords ensure you’re not bidding on low-value keywords that will reduce your click-through -rate and lead to wasted ad spend. You save your valuable dollars for keywords that could convert instead.

Here’s an easy example for better understanding:

Let’s assume you’re selling a “laptop backpacks,” and have bid on the word “backpacks” as a broad match keyword.

Now, let’s also assume a shopper is searching for a “camping backpacks.”

It’s obvious you wouldn’t want the term “camping backpacks“ to pull your ad for a product you aren’t selling so you should exclude “camping backpack’.” It’s the negative keyword that should be added to the ad group.

Backup For Boys

Auto-suggestions for “backpacks” from Amazon. The arrows indicate negative keywords.

How to Find and Add Negative Keywords

You can always find negative keywords before running your ads campaign or after you’ve subscribed. For example, the seller that needs direction on what should be done is using sponsored ads already. What should be done is adding words you never want associated with to your product.

You can find negative keywords by typing in your main keywords into the Amazon search bar, then follow it with each letter of the alphabet.  Pay attention to the auto-suggestions, and consider adding any irrelevant search term or terms.  They should be added as the negative phrase and exact negative keyword.


Negative keywords are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to minimize PPC cost while maintaining conversions. They are a vital part of high-profit PPC campaigns. Wasteful spending and worthless impressions.

Every dollar counts when selling on Amazon; it’s essential to ensure that your ads are as focused as imagined from the start.

PPC surely works, but it’s like driving into a tunnel, you never know what’s at the other end.

The honest truth is PPC isn’t winning anymore. The conversion rate is discouraging. A++ marketing is the new world order.  Cheaper strategies with an impressive conversion rate with increasing ROI. A++ marketing helps as dependable, permanent solution.

Run ads the right way. Keep the discussion buzzing.


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