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Ever since ages sellers have always tried their best to optimize their product in one way or the other. Today in this digitalized century the same is been expected by every seller on the various online portals. Amazon, being the current biggest platform for buyers and seller, thereby makes it a necessity for the sellers to optimize their products on the portal. Optimization has become an important step to hit the sales. With the apt utilization of knowledge, one can easily increase the traffic and conversion rate of their product and can significantly increase the selling power. In this era of digitalization few things that help a seller in optimization are content, keywords to increase the visibility, images and effective titles.

Very carefully one has to play with the content, as this is what helps the buyers understand the depth and importance of any product, thereby determining the visibility of the product. Make sure to Craft an effective narrative with an elaborated content which is easy to comprehend to ensure that the buyers are in no confusion.

Visibility plays an important role in pulling more and more traffic. One has to be careful in using the correct keyword to increase the visibility of any product. We must try to incorporate as many synonyms related to the product as possible to increase the potential sales and pull the buyers.

We must find the correct and relevant keywords for positive and gainful visibility. One has to strategically and carefully find the right keyword with appropriate placement, as placement plays a crucial role as well. Usage of a wide variety of keywords would improve the chances of higher ranking than the obvious ones.

Keywords are often naturally repeated while we are in the process of constructing the Amazon copy; however, we need to try our best to offer a wide variety of keywords to the buyers with less repetition to be proved beneficial. Every buyer has a different approach to search for a specific product, so the more varieties of keywords are used the more approachable and visible our product becomes.

Amazon allows you to have maximum of 9 images of the product, so make sure that you put across the best ones as buyers are always visually driven by nature and also the images of any product play a vital role in leaving a good impression.

While we bring our focus on the Amazon listing optimization, we must always remember that Amazon gives a lot of emphasis to the titles with heavy keywords thereby automatically boosting up the sales. We must ensure that we use keywords that make the product extremely relevant and accurate for customers.

To achieve the best from Amazon, we need to run along with the Amazon practices. While optimization might get difficult for few but it is not impossible. While in this world of competition one always has to put a step further toward success. Let your product hit the heights and we will be glad to see your achievements.

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  • 95% of Amazon listings we see are not optimised correctly.

    When we say optimised, we mean 2 things:

    1. Optimised for their correct keywords in relation to Amazon’s algorithm.
    2. Optimised with correct copy and images to generate a high visitor to conversion rate.

    When we talk about optimisation, we are not just talking about ranking higher in Amazon’s search engine. We are instead talking about how we can build a more profitable product overall. So, before making that product list post always think about this.

    Does your listing look good and is it easy to understand what you are selling?

    There is a very basic principle of selling on Amazon. Is it completely obvious what you are selling and who it is going to benefit. Remember people have the attention span less than a goldfish now.

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