By Amazon Ranking Expert on September 23, 2017

What is the Conversion Rate on Amazon?

The main aim of Amazon is to earn revenue from the sale of products placed on its platform. The conversion rate is the proportion of visits to your product page that result in a sale.

It is calculated as: Conversion Rate = Total Orders / Sessions. You can make out the conversion rate of your product by going to the ‘Sellers Central’ section.

The most important factors for improving your conversion rate are the competitive price, high-quality images and the good number of reviews.

The changes in the conversion rate are based on the customer behavior, and the traffic to your product page. It is useful to stay adjusted to these changes, and make necessary adjustments. In other words, it means continuously running split tests to optimize the keywords targeted by you. Just change your listings yourself in the ‘Seller Central’ and analyze the whole data.

The other vital factor i.e. Price is considered very important in your product’s organic rankings. Amazon suggests that the product should be priced competitively against the similar types of products.

By focusing on crafting the above mentioned points, you will eventually get success. You can also hire an Amazon SEO company that is well aware of the Amazon policies, and they will take care of the necessary steps to rank your product #1.


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