Amazon PPC ad Campaign Setup

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Why to wait for weeks and sometime months to reach page 1 of the amazon search result organically when you can do that from day one of your launch?

After running hundreds of amazon PPC campaigns, our experts know exactly how to setup your PPC campaigns for success.

Targeted Keywords

We perform a deep keyword research on your product and target the most relevant ones to increase your conversion rates.

Automatic, Broad, Phase & Exact matches

Our experts will setup all the four different types of campaigns with different ad groups so that they are easy to manage and analyze.

Search Term Report Analysis

We carefully analyze your search term reports every week and pick up the high potential and most profitable keywords to include in your campaigns.

Negative Keywords

Keywords that are only costing money have to go. We make sure we keep a track and remove any keyword that is not making us money.

Backend Search Terms

Although not a part of the PPC campaign, we make sure that the backend search terms are properly setup so that we get indexed by amazon properly

Optimizing the Bids

Start. Optimize. Optimize and Optimize. Our experts optimize the bids and campaigns so that your PPC campaign set you for success.

Reducing your ACOS

The final destination of a PPC campaign management is to reduce your ACOS. The lower the ACOS the better your campaigns are doing. We work hard to make sure you reach your expected ACOS rates through your PPC campaigns.

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