Product Image Optimization

Never judge a book by its cover…but we always do!

High quality professional pictures of your product is the number one reason why products sell online.

If you are already a seller on amazon or are looking to launch your first product then you probably already know the importance of having quality product photos as a foundation of a successful Amazon business.

Being sellers ourselves and after helping clients for the last 6 years, our data tells us that there are 4 key elements to produce engaging images for your Amazon detail page,


The White Background

To make sure that the products look clean and images emphasize the true colors of the product, Amazon requires that the background must be pure white.


Product image from different angles

People like to see the product as a whole before purchasing and therefore taking pictures from different points of views will help visitors get a better understanding of your offering. This can play a vital role in increasing your conversion rate.


Lifestyle Photographs

Showing how your product will be used through still life photos will certainly increase the visitor's engagement with your listing. These types of photos directly communicates the way your product will benefit the buyer. Also, these lifestyle photos provide an opportunity to answer potential usage questions your buyers might have. Always consider asking yourself, what if I was the one buying this product? What more would I want to see before buying it?


Package and Additional Accessories Photographs

We want to make sure that the customer knows what they will be getting. If there is an accessory that will go with the main product then show it in one of the photos. If there is an Ebook then include that too. Having a photo that includes everything that a buyer will be receiving after the purchase will eliminates the surprise factor and reduce the return rate. Also, make sure not to include any item that the customer will not be receiving because it could lead to negative feedbacks & higher return rate

Don't have product photos & want us to do the clicking?

Leave the product photography on us too. When you work with us, we'll make sure we deliver you quality product photos that help you sell more. Our process is simple and straightforward,

  • Get in touch with us and discuss the requirements.
  • Ship your products to our Minneapolis based studio.
  • We shoot your products, edit them professionally and upload your photos to a private gallery from where you can download them.

People buy what they see

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