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Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace with millions of customers and sellers buying and selling products. As Amazon always provides only quality service to its customers and sellers, it has risen to such a position.

If you are a budding seller with huge dreams of becoming a professional seller on Amazon, it can be a big challenge for you because there are so many different products in this market place with huge competition among sellers. If you fail to sell a product that is not profitable or which is not having a big market for it, then you are very certain to end up wasting time and money.

Picking the right product to sell on Amazon is the most important process of selling on Amazon. It will determine your success or failure of selling on Amazon.

In order to find a product to sell on Amazon which would be profitable, take your time to research Amazon well and make the right choice.

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Research to find the
best selling product on

One of the fastest ways to find a product to sell on Amazon is to look through the Amazon Best Sellers List in different categories to find out what is the best selling product in that category. This gives you an idea of the top selling products in that category and to choose which product to sell.

Follow the right
criteria to sell your

Make sure that your product is light weighted. This saves a lot of shipping charge and easy transport of the product.

Find a product that you can sell for a minimum of $10 and where you can get a profit margin of 30-50%.

Find a product that does not break easily, as it reduces the chances of damage during transport and refund requests from customer.

Above all, follow your passion. Choose the product which you are passionate about selling. You will figure out your own ways to become a more profitable seller by selling

Analyze The Competition

This is a very important step, as you have to be sure that you can sustain yourself among the huge competition of sellers. To analyze the competition, take a look at the reviews which describe the quality of the product. If there are 1000+ reviews which are majorly positive, then it means that it is a highly competitive product. It generally takes years for a product to have a thousand reviews for it. Choose a product which has a reasonable number of reviews to establish yourself as a strong seller at Amazon.

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